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    Gangdong jieyang Qi Feng kitchenware industry Co.,Ltd,is one of the industry ieaders in stainless steel cookware, tools and tableware by the National Metal Material Market, with modemized workshops at 10,000 square meters, provide the service in development、manufacture and saies professionally. With the business pninciple of "People Oriented, Integrity First",we constantly pursue for reliabie quality in the reasonable price.
    Rely on our good technology and market sense, we develop and produce more and more wonderful and fashionable cooking toois and utensils. Our "Shunyang" and "Rongcheng" brands arethe most popular products full in the major market of inland and abroad, due to theil Style, Quality and Grade.
    Look forward to the future,we,Gangdong jieyang Qi Feng Kitchenware Industry Co.,Ltd.,will still go ahead strongly to create our brilliant future with all of you together!

Gangdong jieyang Qi Feng kitchenware industry Co.,Ltd
Add:Guangdong Province Jieyang City East District Three Jie Feng Road Lantian Avenue Pan Yang Industrial Zone
Phone:0663-8689229  8745899
The customer service number:400 699 2933

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